Thursday, January 19, 2006

welcome / mission statement / rant

welcome to my blog, called "too much technology news"!

even though I had known it for a long time, recently I again noticed that there's simply too much interesting technology news out there. these days sites like slashdot don't help you to sort out the garbage, they help spread it. of course there's the occasional cool tid-bit of information but who cares about exploit #916 in microsoft windows or some enterprise server software. I know I don't. you do however end up going through all the trash and junk in order to find the good stuff. with the increasing use of rss and other push-type news-services I find myself with more than 50 news-items per day and even though I know it's pretty useless and time-consuming I still end up going through most of them. of course it's really pointless because once you've finished reading through 20+ articles you can't remember what the first one was about.

that's why I came up with this blog. to help myself remember what I found to be interesting 24 hours ago. and also to share with others what I consider to be interesting. my current topics of interest (per the A4 sheet hanging on my wall) are: content creation, device hacking, embedded computers, mobile applications, robotics, services, small form-factor systems, society and technology, tech journalism, technology and development, and web 2.0. if you also consider some of these topics interesting then you might like this place. if not, well, so be it.

to cut a long story short: I hope you enjoy your stay. and I hope I enjoy mine.


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